San Jiao Acupuncture | 三焦鍼法
Discover our Education Course for Alzheimer’s Disease, learning,
1)knowledge in Current Western Medicine in comparison to that in Traditional Chinese Medicine,
2)Hand on Training of 9-Needles by Sanjiao Acupuncture, and
3)Communication Skill and Care for the Elderly.
Prof. Han Jianxing and Prof. Kawanami Oichi

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In Sanjiao Acupuncture method, 6 different acupoints are selected from 360 odd points on the body. Nine standard acupoints are well manipulated in a specified way at both sides on the body. The stimuli of 9 needles would prevent or delay conversion of MCI (mild cognitive impairment) to Alzheimer’s Disease. Various symptoms of BPSD (behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia) would be favorably alleviated, making patients happier, and their family and other helpers would feel happier because of less burdens in caring for patients.

A2: A large number of papers and reports demonstrated that the 9-needles by Sanjiao Acupuncture modified the pathological behavior (BPSD) of Alzheimer’s Disease, and they also tended to delay onset of the disease.
Profs. Han Jianxing and Kawanami Oichi and Nakamuradescribed the results of their practices(*1 Papers by Han Jianxing, 
*2 Kawanami Oichi 
*3 Nakamura and others)

Since 2010, we have been conducting “Gold-QPD Education Course” to teach Sanjiao Acupuncture Methods for acupuncturists and medical doctors as well. The number of graduates of the course exceeded 200 and they have been actively working for the elderly through this country.

A4: You can obtain current knowledge of Alzheimer’s Disease and related mental impairment, and understand how the Traditional Chinese Medicine explains such conditions. The specific techniques of Sanjiao Acupuncture are demonstrated and taught for each participant by hands on training. You will also learn techniques for needling the elderly and how to manage difficult patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.
*4 YouTube Gold-QPD*5 Poster of Gold-QPD Course2019
The learning process of the “Gold-QPD Education Course” is as follows,

1) You will follow a pre-course study,〔Gold-QPDmooc〕at home via internet device to get basic information about Alzheimer’s disease, and states of physical/mental alterations of the elderly.
2)The education course consists of total 4 full days, 2 days for Bronze and Silver course each.
3) The Bronze course will consist of lectures about current medical knowledge of mental impairment and related medical philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
4)The Silver course will be hands on practice, using the Sanjiao Acupuncture techniques for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or those with MCI or senile decrepit. In the process of needling practice, you will learn how to make communication with the elderly as well.
*6 Model DVD of Sanjiao Acupuncture

A5: Finishing a full-course study, you will obtain a Certificate for Gold-QPD. You can get an upper grade Certificate if you make reports on your own experience by Sanjiao Acupuncture, 12 times needling on 5 different adults respectively.

You will be well supported by a number of expert-acupuncturists of Sanjiao Acupuncture based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sufficient help will be made by professors of medical schools in whole fields of current medicine.

Further inquiries are to Tel: +818011135880
 KAWANAMI, Oichi, M.D., Ph.D.
 Prof.Emeritus Nippon Medical School
 President of Gerontology Research Association, Japan

San Jiao Acupuncture

San Jiao Acupuncture (三焦鍼法) will provide complementary or essential effects for

  • 1) the prevention of Dementia and
  • 2) treatment of behavioral psychological symptom of dementia(BPSD).
  • 3) San Jiao Acupuncture will alleviate mental disorders such as depression as well.

The purpose of this page is to convey benefits of the treatment with San Jiao Acupuncture (三焦鍼法)for maintaining healthy life of the aged, for preventing occurrence of dementia and for easing behavioral psychological symptom of dementia when it occurred. You can find sufficient information about results of the treatment on patients with dementia or depression. The special education course for San Jiao Acupuncture has been provided by Gold-QPD (cupid) education system in the following URL such as and

Oichi Kawanami, MD, PhD,

Prof. Emeritus: Nippon Medical School

President: Gerontology Research Association Japan

Director: Shinjuku-Kampo Clinic, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Address: Shinjuku 1-29-8, Shinjuku postal cord160-0022, Tokyo Japan

Jingxian Han, MD

Prof. and Director: Acupuncture and Moxibustion Research Institute

Address: First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin 300193, China.


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◆ English paper published about Sanjiao Acupuncture on patients with dementia and others.

◆ Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Acupuncture